Friday, January 7, 2011

Poem About My Son's Deployment

I Hope He Comes Home

I hope he comes home
All safe, they say and they mean
But he’s always wanted
To be part of the machine

As a little boy
He fought all the battles
His plastic “Army Men”
On our floor, scattered and rattled

I hope he comes home
Safe is such a subjective word
Will his body have scars?
Or will they all be inward?

As a teen he got excited
When we went back to war
Even though I was afraid
That no one knew what for

I hope he comes home
In any old shape
And the love of his family
Will be enough of an escape

As a man he is committed
To serve and give all
To protect our freedom
No matter the call

I hope he comes home
And still has THAT smile
You know the one
To see it, I’d crawl on shards for a mile

There are things worse than death
There are things that cause strife
I hope he comes home
To a happy, settled life