Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some Things I have Learned

The other day I was sitting still (calm mind, calm body) and took a few moments to contemplate some things that I have learned during my 51-1/2 years on earth.  I list them here in no particular order, with no particular scheme and with the absolute belief that I have learned much more than this, but these are what came to mind at the time.

It is highly desirable to embrace your HONEST nature, but try making some changes within a reasonable scope - as this exercise does not simply improve you as a person, but more importantly builds character and confidence.

Follow your gut instinct in life's most serious or dangerous situations, however - otherwise ignore your impulses when making every day decisions.  Instead rely on an abundance of objective information and even the opinions of others.

Be Polite


Friends =>  Quality over Quantity
Acquaintances => Quantity over Quality, Networking is Real

Read as much and as often as possible

Meditate and Exercise consistently and in a disciplined way

Live, Love and Laugh - ESPECIALLY laugh.  Live in the Present.  Love those most that love you in return and animals too.

Make time to seriously contemplate the mysteries of your existence and your present state, but minimize time spent fantasizing about the future.

Learn to Let Go

Forgive yourself.  Don't let yourself off of the hook for bad behavior, but be like a good parent to yourself.  Correct and forgive.  Self loathing is possibly the worst form of sin.

Only kill what you eat or that which is an immediate threat to your life.