Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ending Our Universe in One "Easy" Step

I have written about religion and meditation and the unfolding of the Universe a lot.

I have given much thought to the concept of Free Will and whether or not it exists (outside ourselves) and I have written a chain of commentary on why I believe that our Universe (note the use of our) is a condition that is predetermined.  These are beliefs, unproven and likely not provable. These are beliefs based on the study of our Universe and ideas derived from much thought and serious contemplation.  (see previous blog posts for details).

It occurred to me, as I was reviewing my contemplation on this topic for logic errors, that it would be a fun thought experiment to wonder what would happen in a predetermined universe if some being or some consciousness actually developed a method to exercise Free Will.

I was surprised that even in a mental state of willful discipline, my mind raced toward a "gut feel" response of - That Universe would cease to exist.

This gave me the idea for the title to this piece, putting "Easy" in quotes to sarcastically make the link between the ease of the answer to the "what" could be done to end our Universe against the impossible or improbable task of the "how" to do it.

Many religions and followers of "holy" people or thinkers, have a concept of mortal or near mortal beings who once existed or currently do exist (popes, gurus, lamas, witches, oracles)  that claim to have achieved or nearly achieved some for of transcendence.

To me true transcendence would indicate a discovery of a true self, soul or such an independent entity within one's self and simultaneously know the fabric of the universe in all of its spaces and times.  That is a huge position to be able to get to.

Now imagine getting there and you become aware of your place in that fabric and understand at an almost mystical or metaphysical level how your existence is at once but a small part of that fabric, but that the fabric could not exist without you.

Then further imagine removing your "self" from that fabric.

At that instant the fabric would no longer exist.  You would have effectively ended the Universe by transcendence and committing an act of Free Will - unless of course that was the way that the particular Universe you existed in was meant to end ........... (circular I know, sorry)

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