Thursday, December 17, 2009

Okay, So I am back

Hello blogasphere, I am back. This is my 3rd attempt at keeping a blog. I tried politics, humor, erotic poetry and just simple "what is up with me stuff" and it just got boring and tedious.

Lately, I have just felt like writing and writing for me, without any worry about who reads my blog or if anyone reads my blog. I just can't express all that I need to say in 140 characters (although I love the shit out of twitter).

Sometimes I will be funny, sometimes borish, sometimes silly and sometimes foolish, but I will always and forever be ME.

What I would really like to do with my life is to figure out a way to get all of the creative and joyous and fun and loving energy that we all put out and share on the internet and turn it into a new culture, a new nation, a new religion and way of life. How cool would it be to LOL more and care about people thousands of miles away that we have never met in person? How cool would it be to share music and laughter across the boundaries of age, gender, orientation, politics and religion? That would be way cool.

There is too much polarization in the world, too much hate, too much poverty, too much fear. Although these very things exist on the www, they are not so concentrated and pervasive and they seem easier to ignore..... out here.

That is my Holiday Wish - What's Yours?

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