Monday, January 4, 2010

Yemen - Haven't We Been Down THIS Road Before? - Can I get an Amen?

So now Yemen is the new Iranquistan .....

Seriously, if someone in the White House, Congress, Downing Street or Parliament would read the many books on the Middle East by reputable writers (like "The Devil We Know" by Baer), they might understand that the "War on Terror" is not about attacking a place, but rather dealing with an ideology.

Its not enough the we are in an 8 year war in Afghanistan as "retaliation" for 9-11, then we got sucked into a war in Iraq, searching for non-existent WMD - but now there is talk of Yemen.

Sure we have forgotten North Korea (remember the axis of evil?), even though they have been quite provocative lately, but what about Western Asia?

Lets look for a minute at the US and UK and their inconsistencies in the region:

(1) We remove the leader of Iraq, because we think that they had weapons of mass destruction that could be used against our allies in the region (a.k.a. Israel). What about the weapons that Pakistan has that could be used against Israel? Egypt has a very powerful arsenal? Iran? Libya?

(2) We also claim that we wish to install democracy there to "help the people". What about our long time (220 years) support of the kingdom in Saudi Arabia? (In case you didn't know - its not a democracy)

(3) Bush, Blair, Brown and now Obama all say that we are justified in attacking any country that "could pose a threat to our national security". So due to the heavy drug traffic, kidnapping, illegal immigration and murder going on near the border with Mexico, should we attack them? Shouldn't England attack Ireland because some extremist remnants of the IRA still exist?

Assuming we had a large enough budget (we don't) and re-instituted the draft to fill our military needs (it will never happen, unless our homeland is literally under attack), the logic that is being employed by our governments would have us "fighting wars" in some 14 countries that pose a threat to us and another 45 or so countries that "deserve democracy".

This list would include China who:

A. Was our ally in two world wars
B. Owns billions in US debt
C. Has more nukes than we do
D. Has more people in their military than we have citizens

I would expect a major ass kicking !

We have all heard the thought that "Insanity is when you continue on with the same behavior and expect a different result".

Apparently we have officially lost it !

Who wants to make a bet that within the next 6 months we launch a Cruise Missle attack against a "target" in Yemen and end up killing a bunch of civilians?

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